Business practice policy – tool

Published : June 14, 2016  /  Updated : March 30, 2020

Practical guides when using This Policy

Expandable indexes

Click on the items in the left column indexes to expand, collapse or go to that section.

Control Tools and Contacts

When applicable, a box titled ‘Control Tools and Contacts’ will appear on the right column to give you quick and direct access to templates, database and contacts.

Pop up definitions

Capitalised terms with dotted underlines are defined terms. When hovering above the underlined words, a tool tip (“small popup window”) containing the term’s definition will appear. If you are using a touch screen tablet, tap on the underlined words to display the definition and tap again to close the popup window.

Green boxes throughout This Policy highlight situations where you should take active actions in order to stay compliant. As example:

Active action

  • Complete Stora Enso Code training within one month after joining Stora Enso.

Blue boxes in This Policy highlight recommended readings, including case studies and best practice advices. As example:

Case studies and best practices

  • Read here for best practice advices in relation to business entertainments.

Throughout This Policy, Legal refers to the group function of Legal in Stora Enso, whose task is to render the Company with intellectual property support, to facilitate the ethics and compliance of Stora Enso as well as to provide high quality legal service and advice to Divisions and Group Functions. When a term ‘reported to Legal’, ‘consult Legal’ or similar is used, engagement with any member of Legal satisfies the requirement. Information about Legal and its members can be found in Weshare > About Us > About Our Group Functions > Legal.

Legal, Ethics and Compliance refers to a sub team of Legal. It is responsible for Stora Enso CodeThis Policy and related policies, their implementations, ethics trainings and Legal compliance investigations. Information about Legal, Ethics and Compliance and its members can be found in Weshare > About Us > About Our Group Functions > Legal > Ethics and Compliance.