About Amanda


General information

Amanda is a Stora Enso’s virtual compliance counsel. She is powered by IBM™ Watson Assistant technology to recognize human languages. Amanda is trained with knowledge from the Stora Enso Business Practice Policy, and is designed to provide basic and first-aid compliance support to Stora Enso employees.

Always consult a human legal counsel when in doubt!


Developed by

This virtual compliance counsel is developed by Legal, Ethics and Compliance team of Stora Enso, in co-operation with the Infrastructure / End User Services team in Stora Enso IT. This development was enabled by the Digi-fund and took place in 2019 / 2020.

Contact person: yang.zhang@storaenso.com


How to use

  • Click the ‘login’ icon at the top bar of the chat area to single-sign-on your Stora Enso account. This enables Amanda to provide better services, for example, informing you about the particular compliance counsel for your Division or Function.
  • You can logout at any time by clicking the ‘logout’ icon. As soon as you log out, Amanda will not know who she is talking with and thus give you full anonymity on the content of the chat.
  • Whenever you think Amanda got stuck, click the ‘Reset’ button. This will set the bot to ‘position zero’.
  • You can type in normal human language. Amanda even recognizes and auto-corrects typos.

Any feedback is warmly welcomed to yang.zhang@storaenso.com.