Competitor contact reporting form

Each Stora Enso employee must take great care when meeting with Competitors in order to comply with the applicable competition rules. Discussions between Stora Enso employees and employees of Competitors on Competitively Sensitive Information are prohibited.

It should be emphasized that Stora Enso is not only in competition on the markets where it sells but also on the markets where it purchases and shall comply with the same rules in relation to its Competitors whether acting as a seller or as a purchaser.
It is especially important that the employees of Stora Enso do not make agreements or even communicate with Competitors in relation to Competitively Sensitive Information

Members of Stora Enso‘s Group Leadership Team and members of each Division4 Leadership Team shall report all meetings and contacts with Stora Enso‘s Competitors to Legal, Ethics and Compliance. There are, however, two exceptions from this general rule:

  • To the extent that the Competitor is a customer or supplier of Stora Enso‘s ordinary commercial contacts in respect of the customer/supplier relationship do not need to be reported;
  • To the extent that the contact takes place at an official trade association (or similar) meeting from which official meeting minutes reflecting the discussions are produced and distributed the contact does not need to be reported; or

Other Stora Enso employees shall report contacts that they have with Competitors if the contact or meeting touches upon Competitively Sensitive Information.

Use the Competitor Contact reporting form to report contacts.

Competitor contact reporting form

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