Data Privacy policy

In Stora Enso we believe that correct and lawful treatment of personal data will help to maintain employees’ confidence in the organization, as well as help us gain trust among customers and other stakeholders. It will also provide for successful business. Breaches of data privacy regulation may have severe consequences to the company and the individuals involved.

To ensure the protection of personal data in Stora Enso’s operation and compliance with applicable privacy laws, the company has developed a Stora Enso Data Privacy Policy. The Policy introduces seven Principles of Good Practices, which guide everyone in Stora Enso to make the right decisions and treat other people’s personal data correctly and legally in their daily work.
Remember, it’s not just the responsibility of Stora Enso to have the proper procedures in place, but it is the responsibility of every one of us to make sure that they are followed.

Download and read the full version of “Data Privacy Policy” document (in PDF format).

Data Privacy Policy Data Privacy Policy

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