I have been offered, given or received

Support and help is available in the following sections. If you need further advice, contact your Manager or Legal, Ethics and Compliance for guidance and support or if you feel unsure!   Gift or Hospitality

Gift or Hospitality

You may accept Gifts, Hospitalities or Expenses from suppliers, customers or other business associates, provided that the Gift, Hospitality or Expense:

  • Is reasonable and may not affect the outcome of business transactions or influence your ability to act in the best interest of Stora Enso;
  • Does not create the appearance (or an implied obligation) that the giver is entitled to preferential treatment, an award of business, better prices or improved terms of sale;
  • Would not prevent you from awarding Stora Enso’s business to one of the giver’s competitors.
  • Is infrequent; and
  • Is reasonably related to a legitimate business purpose (e.g. attending a business meal);

The following Gifts, Hospitalities or Expenses are never appropriate:

 A Gift or provision of Hospitality or Expenses which is intended to improperly influence you (or which could appear to be intended for such purpose);

  • Gifts of cash, or cash equivalent (such as gift cards or gift certificates);
  • Gifts, Hospitalities or Expenses given as a payoff or kickback (e.g., in order to obtain or retain business or to secure an improper advantage);
  • Gifts in the form of discounted products or services for personal gain intended to influence you to provide a special treatment or consideration to a vendor, supplier, customer or business partner;
  • Gifts, Hospitalities or Expenses offered to the family members of a Stora Enso employee; or
  • “Adult” entertainment or any sort of event involving nudity or lewd behavior.

If you have further questions on Gifts, Hospitalities and Expenses, please review Chapter 7 of the Business Practice Policy for Gifts, Hospitalities and Expenses, which can be found here.  

If you have additional questions regarding Gifts, Hospitalities or Expenses please ask your manager or Legal, Ethics and Compliance.    A Bribe

Stora Enso has a zero tolerance to any kind of corruption including bribery. This means that you under no circumstances may accept a bribe.

If you have been offered a bribe in any form:

  1. Decline and clearly state Stora Enso does not accept corruption and bribery in any from.
  2. Contact Legal, Ethics and Compliance for further assistance.
  3. Document and report the situation to support further proceedings.

We have a zero tolerance for bribery including so-called “Facilitation” payments to be made to government officials, even if such payments are nominal in amount.

We never offer to pay, or receive bribes or kickbacks (including to or from any government official or employee), which can subject you to civil or criminal penalties.

If you have any questions regarding Bribes please contact Legal, Ethics and Compliance.

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