What to do in case of dawn raid


The following “check-boxes” measures are to help you to get organized in the beginning of the dawn raid. Follow these measures and proceed in a business-like and professional manner.(the following instructions are for the RP or someone appointed to take on the RPs responsibilities.)


    1. Yes: Mark as DONE and continue.
    2. No:
      1. Politely ask the inspectors to wait in the reception area until the RP or a member of Legal come to meet them
      2. Immediately contact the RP listed for the Company/Unit/Office that are being raided, or the deputies if the RP is not reachable. You can find the RPs and deputies here [link to the Dawn Raid Responsible Persons list
      3. If none of these are reachable, immediately contact Legal:
        • Europe: Pontus Selderman (+46 70 594 8520), or Lisa Resvik (+46 734 02 92 83)
        • China: Iris Xie (+86 18677102522)
        • Latin America: Eduardo Gondo (+55 11 96071 6263) or Thatyana Franco (+46 569 24 55)
      4. If the inspectors do not want to wait for the arrival of these persons, accompany the inspectors to an empty meeting room and try to set up a phone connection between a legal counsel and the official in charge of the inspection.

    1. Legal
    2. Local external counsel (if a relationship is established)
    3. Divisional management of the relevant business targeted by the dawn raid
    4. Stora Enso Communications
    5. Or, if you have prepared a calling list, instruct the reception to call the people in a specified order to inform of the dawn raid and ask that they to come to the site as soon as possible

    Mention this to the inspectors (note that they cannot be required to wait for an undue period of time).

    1. Instruct the reception to take copies
    2. Identify the purpose and the scope of the investigation – what infringement(s), where and when do they investigate
    3. Verify that the decision states that inspection shall take place at the relevant premises (check address) and date

    1. One or two person to assist with administrative matters
    2. Two persons, or at least one, that shall accompany each of the inspectors at all times when they are conducting the inspection. Instruct the person(s) to
      • Make notes of all documents being looked through or copied, search words used by the inspectors, and all discussions, questions and answers between the inspectors and Stora Enso staff.
      • Make sure that two identical copies of each document is always made (one for the inspectors and one for Stora Enso) – including electronic files.

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