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Do Whats Right - mobile app.

Do What’s Right application on mobile devices

Select the type of mobile app

after selection you will see the installation instructions,
for iPhones or Android mobiles.

all these applications works with data stored on the server
therefore you must have Mobile-data / WiFi turned on!

Download & install ... for Apple (iPhone, iPad)

Click on "Download & Install" button above,
follow the instructions below

Downloading and installation is running in the background (you can check process on the Homescreen).

During installation you can see a warning message (see below), please close it and go to the Settings > General > Profiles or Profiles & Device Management here you can to allow Enterprise App trusted installation for SE DWR app.

In the next step select name of trusted Mobile app developer under the Enterprise App heading and confirm your choice.

Now you can manually install also other mobile apps from the same "developer." This developer profile remains trusted until you use the "Delete App." button.

NOTICE: during verification of certificate you have to be connected to the Internet, and firewall should allow you connect to, otherwise your will see on display the message "Not Verified".

Download & install ... for Android (Mobiles, Tablets)

Click on "Download & Install" button above,
follow the instructions below

To your mobile will be donwloaded the file with a suffix .apk click on it and the installation of DWR will begin.

During installation process you can be asked to allow "Unknown sources", go to the "Settings" > "Security" > and here to allow "Unknown sources". On some devices it may be in another place or hidden under "Advanced Settings" it depends on the device manufacturer and used enviroment, interface etc.

Now you can install our "un-public" corporate trusted mobile app.