Published : June 14, 2016  /  Updated : March 30, 2020


Stora Enso is committed to creating long-term value on an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable basis. Legal compliance and ethical business conduct are cornerstones of Stora Enso sustainability agenda, and our good reputation remains one of our most important assets today.

This Policy is designed to provide employees with more detailed guidelines on how to comply with the high level principles set out in the Stora Enso Code, and to provide a framework for what we consider responsible conduct in our daily business activities. However, no policy, however detailed, can address every situation. You should therefore aim to comply with the spirit, and not just the letters, of the Code and This Policy. As a Stora Enso employee, you should always aim to exercise good judgment and be guided by the following principles:

  • Avoid any conduct that could damage or risk Stora Enso reputation;
  • Act legally and transparently;
  • Don’t exchange information with Competitors or engage in anti-competitive agreements;
  • Never engage in any kind of corrupt activities and never give or accept excessive Gifts or Hospitality; and
  • Avoid any conflict of interests.

Ultimately, responsibility for ensuring that our business activities are ethical and legal rests with each and every Stora Enso employee. Each individual must feel accountable for his or her own decisions and actions. If the applicable law or regulation is different from the requirements of the Code or This Policy, you should comply with the higher standard. The same principle also applies in case there are stricter rules in separate functions or units within Stora Enso. If you are uncertain whether a particular activity is legally or ethically acceptable, you must consult with your immediate supervisor or Legal before you engage in that activity.

To ensure that all employees are familiar with the rules and regulations in our company, all new employees must complete training on the Code. In addition, employees designated as Critical Employees must complete more detailed trainings.

This Policy applies to all officers and employees – including temporary personnel – of Stora Enso throughout the world and to the members of the Board of Directors of Stora Enso, as well as all business partners of Stora Enso (as defined in This Policy).

This Policy was adopted by the CEO and supported by the Group Leadership Team. It brings together a number of policies with the aim of making it easier for employees to find relevant guidance, and includes links to further guidance with application to a more restricted group of employees. If you are looking for guidance on a particular issue and cannot find it, or are not sure what is the right course of action in any given circumstances, please contact Legal.