Letter from the CEO

Published : June 14, 2016  /  Updated : January 29, 2020

Letter from the CEO

Dear Stora Enso Colleagues,
On our journey of transforming Stora Enso to a renewable materials growth company, we have learned about the global mega trends shaping the world around us. In this context, Stora Enso’s sustainable and renewable products can provide answers and solutions to many of the challenges the world has to solve.

And there are other areas where Stora Enso can make change and contribute to a better and more sustainable world. Business Ethics forms one important part of our Sustainability Agenda. The tag line of Business Ethics in the Sustainability Agenda is “We play fair”. Please take a moment and reflect upon what that means to you.

For me it has a dual meaning.

First of all, we want to play fair because compliance with laws and regulations is a license to operate in today’s tough business environment. Also, I believe that playing fair is a must for the value driven organisation we want to be, it leads to successful business and fosters accountability and a good reputation.

Secondly, Stora Enso can make change happen in our supply chain and in societies where we are present, by acting as a role model company and play fair. And we don’t do that only because it supports our business. As a multinational player we have a responsibility to fight corruption in all its forms, support free and fair competition and in every respect act in a responsible and transparent way.

You have in your hand (or on your screen) an excellent tool for understanding and living what we consider to be the responsible and ethical business conduct. Study it carefully and reflect on it. And please remember that no guideline in the world will answer all our questions. In those situations, ask before you act, and always apply what our moral compass “Lead” and “Do What’s Right”, tells you to do.

January 2, 2020

Annica Bresky