Published : June 14, 2016  /  Updated : August 12, 2019

11. Safeguarding corporate assets and corporate identity

We deal with Company, products and resources responsibly and appropriately and use them only for their intended business purposes.

Safeguarding Stora Enso’s assets, both tangible and intangible (such as intellectual property rights), as well as its proprietary information – is vital to our business success. Stora Enso’s assets should be used to achieve Stora Enso’s business goals, and should be protected to preserve their value. Remember that we hold the assets of our Company in trust for Stora Enso shareholders. Limited personal use is permissible only to the extent that such use does not conflict with the interests of Stora Enso, This Policy, or Stora Enso other policies and guidelines. All Company assets and proprietary information must be returned to Stora Enso at the completion of your employment with Stora Enso.

As an employee of Stora Enso:

  • You are responsible for the proper use and protection of proprietary and confidential information belonging to Stora Enso or entrusted to the company by others. Such confidential information includes, but is not limited to, price-sensitive information, trade secrets, such as know-how, formulae, and processes, sales figures, marketing plans and strategy.
  • You are responsible for the security of, authorised access to and proper use of Stora Enso’s physical and intangible assets under your control and of third parties’ assets in your care.
  • You should not disclose proprietary or confidential information to anyone outside Stora Enso without the express permission of your manager or without execution of a non-disclosure agreement prior to the disclosure. Never discuss confidential information in public places — such as elevators, restaurants, or airports — where it may be overheard.
  • Your obligation to protect Stora Enso confidential information continues even after you leave your employment.

Case studies and best practices

  • Read the “Stora Enso Information Risk Management Policy” or its equivalent for more detailed information.