The Stora Enso Code

If you are interested in cooking, you are probably familiar with the term “reduction”. Reduction means that you put a lot of ingrediencies in a pan and cook it without lid for a long time. This will result in a lot of substances evaporating, leaving you with a thick and concentrated sauce with a lot of flavor!

The process of writing a “Code” is very much the same. You put all kinds of policies, guidelines and instructions in the pot and cook it until only the real essence remains.

However, when writing the recipe for the “Stora Enso Code” we have, apart from the normal ingrediencies, also added what makes them relevant for us and what is important for our success as a renewable materials company; our Strategy our Sustainability Agenda and our Values.

What we came up with is a code describing what this company stands for in essence. This is what really matters to us and makes us one of the more important players in the bio economy. This is not any code of conduct. This is the Stora Enso Code!

The Stora Enso Code is one of the most important documents in our company. It doesn’t contain so many detailed rules, but it is the first document that a new employee meets when onboarding Stora Enso. And for many employees this is probably their only guidance when it comes to ethics, compliance and sustainability.

But first and foremost, the Code becomes (because of the above-mentioned cooking procedure) the bearer of a Stora Enso’s values. And why is it so important for a company to have common values? Because it creates a strong bond between all of us and that bond is also decisive for how we perform and how we behave. Or as or CEO Kalle puts it in the video on the website “It’s like holding a handrail when walking down a staircase. When I am not sure, I read and find out more”.

The scenery of the Stora Enso Code is a fantastic forest – a magic forest which tells our story through images of animals and trees – chosen to represent the various locations we operate in. The forest is magic in many ways. From the material in the magic forest we can extract material that forms a solution to many of today’s environmental problems. And the different animals in the magic forest represent a very diverse fauna. It’s maybe not that common to see a Chinese panda eating together with Finnish moose; but in our forest everything is possible.

The Stora Enso Code is an excellent tool for changing our behavior and become an even better and truly value driven company. However, a tool that is not used will only collect dust and rust and be forgotten. Now It is up to you, as an employee of Stora Enso, to enter the magic forest and explore its possibilities.

As part of this Ethical Spotlight you find the material here. If your office is not already covered with posters and stickers on this theme, please print it and put it up. And use the next team or management meeting to go through the PPT which can start many interesting discussions on how we should and shouldn’t behave. And how to make decisions in hard situations while promoting transparency, ethics, and sustainability.

An e-learning is being produced and will be released during the autumn.

Finally, have a look at the roots on the Stora Enso Code website, bringing the different sections together. For us in Stora Enso, our values are our roots – they make us strong on the inside and help us prosper on the outside. They represent our long history, but also our way forward.

Ethics and Compliance

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